Why take part in research?

What is a clinical trial?

The first recorded planned clinical trial was conducted by Dr. James Lind, a Scottish naval surgeon. In 1747, Lind began to study scurvy, which killed thousands of British sailors per year. Lind tested the diet of citrus fruit to a select group of affected sailors, comparing it to the normal diet of the others. He found that the sailors treated with the citrus diet, could return to work after their 6-day treatment period.

Since the days of Dr James Lind, clinical trials have been responsible for almost every medical treatment available today. Clinical trials in the modern age, are heavily controlled and monitored, to ensure the safety of all the patients involved. During the trials, you will receive regular check-ups with one of our clinicians. All clinical trials delivered by Panthera Clinical Research, are ethically approved, and have MHRA approval.


Why Join a clinical trial?

There are many reasons why you would join a clinical trial with Panthera Clinical Research. You may want to make a difference to the healthcare of future generations, or you may simply want to take part for the financial compensation for your time on the study. There are lots of reasons why our volunteers take part.

Some of the healthy volunteer clinical trials will offer the volunteer financial compensation for their time on the trial, this can be as much as £1000.

Regardless of the difference in motivation for taking part, all of our volunteers at Panthera agree that they receive a professional and premium experience whilst on a trial.


Where can I take part?

Panthera Clinical Research are in major cities across the UK. We have dedicated research sites in Glasgow, Preston, Rochdale, Sheffield, and London. We have experienced healthcare professionals at each of our sites, who are dedicated to give you the best experience, making you feel safe and comfortable whilst you are in our care.


What happens if I change my mind?

If you change your mind at any time, for any reason, you will always be able to come off the trial. You will need to contact us and let us know that you no longer wish to continue, so we can update your normal healthcare provider.

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